SQUARES is a project based on important print production techniques, such as book layout design, book cover and a clamshell book case. With this book content and layout, the author aims for readers to learn some facts about squares, and inspire them to travel, as well as to create their own personal books. 

The concept of this book is a play on the word, “squares”.
At first, the “Squares” title on a square book, may lead readers to think that the book will be about geometric squares. However besides a constant emphasis on a square layout, the content is solely about geographic squares.

As shown on layout pictures above, it is important to remember that when using the French fold technique, content and pictures will not be on facing pages.

La Bulle Designs had the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of this Squares project to a group of 30 students at The Art Institute of Colorado. This solution was well received from the audience since it can be customized to students’ work in a cost-effective way (less than $40.00 for printing and book supplies).