Anne Redureau,  Founder  Photography by Anna Phillips ∙

Anne Redureau, Founder

Photography by Anna Phillips ∙

Anne is an award-winning Design Manager and she is mostly known in the creative community for serving as President of The One Club for Creativity – Denver (formerly known as the Art Directors Club Denver) and for being the Executive Producer of the legendary Paper Fashion Show from 2016 to 2018.

In 2017 thanks to her leadership and her esteemed board of directors, the Art Directors Club Denver became the first authorized chapter of The One Club for Creativity, a global non-profit organization headquartered in New York City, which champions and rewards creative excellence year-round around the world in 61 countries. This merger was a significant step for the creative community in the State of Colorado as it continues to welcome more people from various parts of the nation and the world each year.

One of Anne’s passion is for creativity to thrive in her local community by working with individuals and organizations that can benefit from different ideas, projects and partnerships. She particularly enjoys designing freelance for her various clients, as well as producing large scale fashion shows. When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking, drawing, exercising, spending time with her friends and mostly with her 10 year-old son, Louis Alexandre who inherited her passion for creativity.

Brett McKenzie, Creative Manager, The One Club for Creativity




Anne was appointed as the French American Chamber of Commerce - Rocky Mountain Chapter’s new Executive Director in September 2019. She is excited to work closely with French American Business Leaders locally, nationally and internationally.



“Over the last decade, I have had the good fortune of knowing, directing, mentoring and finally working for an amazing person and talented professional - Anne Redureau.

It all started in 2013, when Anne was studying for a degree in Design Management, and I hired her as my intern at the Denver Film Society. While her vast talents in art direction and design management were foremost in my decision to hire her, what really finalized my choice was her hard working nature, dynamic drive and deep love of all the arts. As my lead assistant for the award winning scholarship program for the Young Filmmakers Workshops, an educational program that teaches 12-18 year olds the art of filmmaking, she was not only a superior employee but also an inspired and creative worker who made the program better and my job easier! We became more than working professionals, we became good friends. As a result, we stayed in touch and it has been such a joy to watch her grow and become the successful professional she is today. The icing on the cake and what all of us who love to mentor hope for, was when as the President of the Art Directors Club of Denver, she asked me to work for her and be a member of the board. It was my great honor to support her during this tenure as she took the organization to the next level.
I continue to serve this organization, now The One Club for Creativity - Denver. And, it remains one of my great joys each year to support their premiere annual event, The Paper Fashion Show. All of this is thanks to an exceptional person and professional, Anne Redureau.”

Eileen O’Brien, Director of Membership and Director of Scholarships for the Young Filmmakers Workshops, Denver Film Society (2006-2016), 2019

“Over the last few years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anne Redureau on some large events that she organized and executed. Anne’s passion and dedication for each project was evident in the way that she kept her team on task but also problem solved various high-level and minutia details for each event. She constantly was focused on the experience of not only the attendees at the event but also each of us who were on the planning/advisory board. The level of professionalism that Anne displayed as well as her proven successes is a true testament of the type of person Anne is. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her.”

Jason P. Belaire, Director at Large - Conferences, IDSA Board of Directors & Executive Director, Denver Design Week, 2019

“Anne is a talented graphic designer: she is passionate and dedicated at sharing her bright ideas while embracing the clients needs. Our nonprofit turns to her on an annual basis for the design of our national festival communication. Excellence, creative design and quick turn-around projects guaranteed!”

Marguerite Bickel, Déléguée Générale adjointe, Alliances Françaises USA, 2019

“Anne is a wonderful leader with amazing, wonderful big ideas to move any organization forward. I highly recommend her for her professional energy, her drive for success and her inclusive attitude.”

Travis Bartlett, Owner & CEO, Bartlett Creative, 2019

“It has been my absolute pleasure to get to know Anne. She has an unquenchable passion for increasing the impact of art and design, and she is an exceptional leader and visionary who has prompted nationwide change in her organization. I first met Anne at the 2016 ADCD Student Portfolio Review Competition where she served as a judge. As a student just getting started in design, I was nervous and unsure of how my work would stack up. Anne eased all my tensions, and showed a genuine excitement about the work I produce. She inspired me to be ambitious in design and become involved in the local design community. She has kept in touch with me over the past year to continue to encourage me, and reach out with new opportunities. This Spring, she provided me an opportunity to serve as part of her team to produce the ADCD Paper Fashion Show, and I got a more in-depth view of her unstoppable personality and humble leadership. She brought so much energy to our meetings, was accountable beyond measure, and made the work and long hours that everyone on the team spend worthwhile and very appreciated. I am so glad that I met Anne; she is a continual source of inspiration for me.”

Olivia Orr, Teacher Assistant, Rhode Island School of Design, 2017